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I'm not really digging this new season. It's kind of lack luster.


Kind of weird.

I'm pretty sure people have noticed already, but I thought it was interesting and kind of funny. Doesn't Lea resemble a famous pop singer--Christina Aguilera?

GirlsCollapse )
So who's kind of surprised at the amount of girls that got kicked off and replaced this season?
The sudden promotion of guidos/guidettes is killing me a little. Morgan is another one. Ugh.

Go with the Flo

Did anyone see the interview of Tanisha from BGC2 and Flo from BGC4?

I saw it on Oxygen on Demand and I was enthralled to see two of my favorite badgirls in one spot. I have to admit, I was a bit surprised to know that Flo is working herself into the music industry.

Has anyone hear of any of her material? I'm very curious.

And it would be awesome if she had her own show. She mentions the offers she got to make one.


I'm still upset Flo was sent packing. I love her vulgar ass. <3
I DVRed it and am just watching it now. The second I caught a glimpse of her on the previews, I knew it was her.

I'm excited. I know most people hated her, but I found her entertaining. This is going to be great. I hope she lasts a while.

VH1 is horrible at casting lately though! They cast so many people who have already been on reality tv, but then they don't even mention it.



I know this is going to be random, but doesn't Portia look a lot like Aly from the singing duo Aly and AJ produced by Disney?

Last night's fight

Portia beat the shit out of Natalie. I mean she could have come harder but compared to Natalie she was ace. I'm surprised Natalie couldn't defend herself better. I know she was caught off-guard since she was sitting but at one point when she got up and threw Portia down I thought she had her.

I can't wait to see fucking Flo's fight. That bitch looks like RAGE. WHY WOULD AMBER TOUCH HER? Is she fucking crazy? She gon' die.
Apparently this is Natalie's boyfriend

Olamide Faison

I wouldn't be surprised if he gets fired for the bad publicity he'll probably get being linked to her.

LOL, I can see why she's worth risking your career.